The Sloan family has over four decades of team photography experience. With our custom-built risers we can achieve a level of quality in large teams that can't be achieved any other way. We take over one hundred football team photos every year including middle schools, high schools, colleges and a couple of NFL teams. We have even take our risers to the Super Bowl 8 times.

Though the challenge of taking a great football team photo has made us a well-known leader in North Texas athletics programs for many years we are also equipped and experienced to handle all of your team photography needs for any sport, large or small. We provide headshots for your program and work closely with publishers and yearbook staff to make sure your photos are everywhere they need to be.


Many photography companies have found that one way of increasing visibility of their subjects is to use editing to create a composite group photo, often placing the team on a colored graphic background. While it's the obvious modern solution to the problem of fitting a team of 50-120 athletes into a photo we feel that the risers are far superior and that a familiar location is key. We want our photos to last and to evoke memories of the time and place they represent. In much the same way poorly-done special effects can ruin a movie, a photo can quickly lose its focus on the subject with too much Photoshop.

We use a lighter touch with editing, using it to correct closed eyes in group photos or distracting blemishes in individuals, sometimes even moving the entire team when necessary. If you feel your team photo would be better placed on an entirely graphic background we are perfectly willing and able to accommodate your team's needs.

Our "lighter touch" approach can probably best be seen at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. Even with risers that can accommodate most teams, the nearly 200 players and staff they bring to picture day are more than we ever bargained for. Our solution: we take two team photos on their practice field and we place them right in the middle of their new stadium. The result is a seamless composite of the players in a familiar place.