Yearbook and Program Photos

Should you even be here?

This page is provided as a convenient one-stop for yearbook editors and program editors. This site is not intended to be shared with anyone who does not absolutely need access to these files. Please do not share these high resolution files with anyone. These photos are my entire business, thank you for respecting them and protecting them.

Ways you can use these files.

You are granted a limited license to use these files for the following:

  • Yearbook

  • Program

  • Website (use low resolution versions. If none is provided and you need one please contact me

  • End-of-year/season-slideshow

If you feel you have a need that does not clearly fall into one of those categories please contact me at

Ways you can't use these files.

  • Sending the files or link to the files to anyone who does not need them to accomplish the above purpose.

  • Printing out copies for yourself.

  • Printing out copies for others.

  • Selling copies.

Thank you for respecting and protecting my copyrights.