Athletics Photos Prices and Dates

Athletics Photo Packages

Total Package - $30
2-5x7s, 4 wallets individual
8x10 Team

Individual Only - $18
2-5x7s, 4 wallets individual

Team Only - $14
8x10 Team

Send cash or check made out to 'Foxtrot Photography' with your athlete on picture day. Card payments are also accepted.

On the check please include your phone number, and the student's school, name, sport, grade, team and jersey number.

All team members are in the team photo, but only athletes who order individual photos will have individual portraits taken.


Scheduled Dates

  • 9/13 McCarroll FB

  • 9/23 Gunn JH FB

  • 9/25 Lamar MS FB

  • 9/26 Navo VB

  • 9/27 Young FB

  • 9/30 Bailey FB

  • 10/7 Bettye Myers

  • 10/11 Boles FB

  • 10/15 Workman FB

  • 10/23 Hurst FB

  • 10/24 Workman VB

Dates are subject to change. Please refer to communications from your athletics program to confirm picture date.